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This site is dedicated to the sale of horses worldwide. ALL breeds and disciplines are allowed to be sold here. 

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This site was created after PETA & Facebook started deleting everyone's equine posts.  Unlike other social media websites, this website is privately owned and untouchable by PETA.  Also, because it is a website and not social media, there is NO breed, genetic, "grade," etc. bashing. 

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 Except for the United States and Canada, each page is dedicated to a continent, and then divided into a region/country/state.  Horses are then listed under their specific location making  it easier to find a horse in your area.  To list a horse, the seller must fill out a detailed form listed on the page and submit the form back to us.  We will list your horse with the information provided, and the buyers will contact you directly via email with any questions.

In addition to the horse being listed, every week an email will be sent out to subscribers listing all horses currently available.  We will also help direct buyers to your horse if your horse is what they are looking for.

Purchasing, but don't know where to begin?


If you are in the market for a horse, but don't know where to begin looking and/or you don't want to scroll through pages of horses, we can help!  Subscribe to our mailing list, and get weekly emails of horses available for purchase.  You can also fill out a form telling us what your "unicorn" horse is, and we will scroll through all the listings and find the horse(s) that meet your requirements. 

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This is a work in progress! Not the final website format.

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